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Mayor’s well wishes

Tuesday, 19th July, 2011

Mayor Wincen Cuy has urged the newly formed Far West Tourism and Industry Alliance to “be inclusive, be open, be transparent”.

The Alliance, chaired by Tri-State Safaris’ Michael McCulkin, aims to generate hundreds of thousands of new dollars for the industry in far west NSW.

Mr McCulkin told the BDT last week the alliance was established to look at the “big picture”, and hoped to work in parallel with government and City Council strategies.

Mayor Cuy wished the new group luck, but said he wasn’t sure of where the alliance was heading, and what their plans were for the future.

“They’ve had a couple of meetings I’m led to believe,” Mayor Cuy told the BDT. “But what their structure is and what their major goal is, I’m not quite sure at this point in time.

“Is it marketing? Is it building a relationship in the community? Is it building more attractions? Is it filling a gap? Is it taking on research?

“If they’re looking at doing marketing, quite obviously they need to make sure the industry’s involved.

“Because for a long, long, long time Council has been the leader in the industry and it’s time the industry took hold of its own destiny and people like this organisation .... Council should be backing them up rather than leading them forward.”

Mayor Cuy said he has been advocating for some time for the tourism industry to lead and for Council to be a partner in the sector.

“It’s something I’ve advocated for many years, probably 12 years.”

He said whilst the committee wasn’t new, it was being pushed by new people with “fresh ideas.”

“What I’m suggesting is be inclusive, be open, be transparent, and we can only wish them the best.

“I suggest they need to make sure their homework is done, making sure that their structures are in place because Federal, State and Local Government are not going to work with an organisation that doesn’t have the governance behind it.

“I’d like to think that they’ll do their homework. They’ve got good independent people there that can actually bring new views into it.

“This community is not a competitor with each other. We need to work together like we have in the past.”

The BDT sought comment from Council’s Community Development and Tourism Manager Andrea Roberts, but a council spokesperson said she wasn’t allowed to comment until the alliance makes its presentation to Council.


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