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It’s a racecourse riot

Saturday, 13th August, 2011

ROLLER DERBY: Cat Lynch (aka Hell Cat ‘Satan’s Stray’) and Jodie Brealey (aka Sugar’d Death Blondie). ROLLER DERBY: Cat Lynch (aka Hell Cat ‘Satan’s Stray’) and Jodie Brealey (aka Sugar’d Death Blondie).

The Gary Radford Pavilion at the racecourse has become the new home of the Broken Hill Roller Derby League.

Roller Derby, the full contact skating sport finding its feet in Broken Hill, previously trained at the YMCA but due to renovations it had to move.

“The YMCA were redeveloping and resurfacing and with the new equipment on the floor they couldn’t guarantee our safety,” said Broken Hill Roller Derby Club President Judith Merritt.

Broken Hill Regional Events Centre Reserve Trust Chairman Cheryl Krutli said the league was amazed at the massive space in the pavilion and loved the amenities it will provide, particularly the concrete floor which is a perfect surface for them.

Mrs Krutli said it would result in more revenue for the Trust and she was delighted with the increased use of a community facility.

Indoor sports such as skating was identified in the feasibility study for the pavilion in 2006 as something that the pavilion could be used for.

“It is also an opportunity for people who wouldn’t know about the facilities to see what’s out there,” Mrs Krutli said.

“Having a facility that available to sport that is not ‘run of the mill’ is not often experienced.”

Mrs Krutli said the Roller Derby League was already planning to use the facility for a boot camp and future competitions.

“There are endless possibilities limited only by our minds,” she said.

“We want to let the wider community know the facility is out there.

“The very large open space lends itself to many other things.”

Ms Merritt said the Trust had been very helpful and welcoming.


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