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Too few of the new: Police

Friday, 26th August, 2011

Six new probationary constables have been assigned to the whole of the Western Region and none of them will be coming to Broken Hill.

Robert Dunn, Executive Member for the Western Region Police Association, said  six out of a graduating class of 112 was not enough for the west.

“Notoriously the Western Region get a minimal amount of probationaries,” Mr Dunn told the BDT yesterday.

The new police officers will head to the Orana (3), Canobolas (1), Mudgee (1) and Chifley (1) police commands.

“The whole Western Region is the only region operating under authorised strength, Mr Dunn said. “A lot of our commands are operating under strength.

“Western NSW hasn’t been given due attention in our opinion.... in numbers and resources.

“Resources are stretched to their maximum. Where overtime is actually being granted members are working excessive amounts.” 

The Member for Murray-Darling, John Williams, said the allocation to the west was “significant.”

“Six is not a bad number really. We used to be flat out getting two.”

Barrier Command Superintendent Brad Hodder yesterday said the command was operating “at strength.” 

“Barrier Local Area Command always welcomes Probationers to our command, however on this occasion there were no allocations to us.” 

Late last year it was reported that police stations in Tibooburra and Menindee had been left unmanned or short-staffed so that minimum police levels could be maintained in Broken Hill.

Mr Williams, who was yesterday in parliament, made an election promise to fight to get more police in local stations.

“That’s not a suitable situation at all - the idea that police are pulled out of a station in a remote area,” Mr Williams said ahead of the March 26 election.

“This happens over the electorate and causes a lot of grief.”

The Coalition Government promised to conduct an audit into police numbers and police allocations if it was elected.

A report on the audit findings is due to be completed next month.


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