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Thursday, 15th September, 2011

ART PAVILION: Six-year-old Luke Hennessy with his space-themed artwork ART PAVILION: Six-year-old Luke Hennessy with his space-themed artwork

With the promise of new rides and attractions, along with sunny weather, this year’s Silver City Show looks is set to be a success.

The gates open today for the 122nd show which boasts two new rides, “The Sky Walker” and “Speedride”. 

“The Sky Walker” rapidly spins on three different axes at 80 feet in the air whilst playing music and putting on a light show.

Owner of the ride, Luke Hennessy, said that its debut was sure to impress locals. 

“It was very popular at Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney shows”, he said.

“The sound and lighting package is the biggest thing to hit Broken Hill”.

At 140 feet, the “Speedride” is also sure to tempt those looking for an adrenalin rush.

The Showman’s Guild Vice President, Clayton Taylor, said that the rides were a very exciting addition to the old favourites at the show.

“This year we’ve got so many rides, from the teacups and giant shark jumping castle for the kids to the two new ones, which were very popular in Adelaide”, he said.

Six-year-old Jackson Edwards was excited to have his artwork featured in the pavilion and is looking forward to attending the show.

“We’re going on Friday, we can’t wait”, said his mum, Emma. 

Show Secretary John Ralph said that he expected the attendance to exceed that of the past few years.

“Last year we had a drop to 11,000”, he said.

“But the weather’s good this year and we’ve got the best amount of stuff we’d had for ages so I hope to see a big crowd”.

Mr Ralph urged everyone to come and have a look. 

“Well, I think people would be silly not to go”, he said.

“The show’s always been a spectacular event in Broken Hill.”

And for those not so keen on the rides, there’s the pavilions, games and food stalls. 

“We’re hoping to get a lot more of the elderly community out here”, said Mr Ralph.

“Saturday usually has a lot of the young ones but Thursday nights started for the older people”, he said. 

The show begins at 5pm today and will be on until Sunday afternoon.

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