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Ring road block

Tuesday, 27th September, 2011

By Craig Brealey

 A company has been chosen to plan the mine haulage road in the event that the city gets the money to build it.

The route of the heavy truck by-pass was pegged out six months ago and City Council was expecting to receive financial help from the Federal and State governments.

The by-pass was to be built for Perilya to truck ore in B-doubles from it Potosi pit in the north of the city to its main mine in the south.

It was also to be open to other heavy vehicles passing through the city.

Perilya had originally intended to run its ore-laden trucks through the city’s streets but after a public outcry over safety the ring road was proposed to the apparent satisfaction of all parties.

Council committed money for the project and Perilya was to provide Council with funding and in-kind support. 

Funding applications were lodged with the NSW and Federal governments but there was no money for it in this month’s State budget and then the Commonwealth’s Regional Development Australia Fund knocked it back as well. 

The plan was for the road to be ready early next year when Perilya was due to start hauling ore from Potosi. 

Last week City Council’s Technical Services Committee approved a tender for the preparation of design plans and specifications for the ring road.

A council tender panel recommended Ardill Payne and Partners who quoted $165,561 but its choice was made before Council learned that it had been knocked back for government funding.

The tender will not therefore be awarded until that funding is secured, said Council’s Manager of Infrastructure, Paul De Lisio.

In his report to the committee, Mr DeLisio said Council also had to wait and see what Perilya would do if the road was not built in time.

“If there is a potential delay in the construction of the haul road, (Perilya) may need to consider other options available to them,” he wrote.

It would not be “prudent,” he said, to award the contract “until Perilya’s requirements are clarified and/or haul road project funding is secured.”

But if the government funding does eventuate, and the design requirements for the road do not change, then Council will negotiate the work with Ardill Payne and Partners, Mr DeLisio said.

Council will consider the matter at its monthly meeting tomorrow night.


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