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Real estate boom at Sunset Strip

Wednesday, 28th September, 2011

POPULAR AGAIN: More people are buying property at Sunset Strip. POPULAR AGAIN: More people are buying property at Sunset Strip.

By Kurtis Eichler

More people are buying property at Sunset Strip and, according to a local real estate agent, it’s the holiday homes on the lake that are in demand.

“I would say the attraction that our office has experienced has been those with lake frontage,” Century 21’s John Bent told the BDT.

“I’ve only sold two in the last six months but I think prices are fairly tight still.”

It was harder to sell homes one block away from the lake front, Mr Bent said.

Sunset Strip’s Progress Association said this week that young people were snapping up properties along the lake.

Sunset Strip, where the first houses were built almost 50 years ago, had recently had Menindee school teachers and young families buying properties, according to the president of the Progress Association, Dennis Standley.

“Over the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve started to notice a lot more young people buying premises up here,” Mr Standley said.

“They’re even showing interest in the Progress Association.

“The young ones have good ideas and fresh ideas.”

Mr Standley said the filling of the lake had done wonders for real estate.

“When the water came back, a lot of places went on the market to take advantage of the water in the lake. And a lot of them now are being snapped up.”

Mr Standley said membership of the Progress Association had also climbed to 87 people since the onset of warm weather.

He said the rise was due in part to a new committee which was more active.

“If they are seeing the place improve, they are willing to put in a bit of effort as well.

“The place is looking beautiful to what it was 12 months ago.”

Mr Standley said members were also considering building a viewing platform on the lake as well as other initiatives.

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