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Devotion brings a right reward

Wednesday, 19th October, 2011

WINNER: Colleen Gates amongst her prize-winning roses. WINNER: Colleen Gates amongst her prize-winning roses.

By Erica Visser 

Monday was judgment day for rose gardeners all over the city.

That was when the winning entries for part two of the Silver City Garden Club’s annual competition were decided upon. 

Colleen Gates, of Hall Street, won the ‘medium-sized garden’ section of the competition.

“I love my garden, my roses,” Mrs Gates said. “I spend anything from six to eight hours in the garden a week.

“We’ve been here ten years and when we first arrived here it was just shrubs so we planted the roses.”

Mrs Gates said that her flowers were not as good as in past seasons due to recent high rainfall. 

“I think the blooms are so big so when it rained water lay inside the blooms,” she said. 

Judging of the best overall garden for various categories took place in September but the rose competition is held off until the flowers reach full bloom.

Competition judge Bob Pascoe said that this year’s entries were “up to standard”.

“There was a lot of good ones,” Mr Pascoe said. “We had a lot more interest than we usually get.”

However, he said that there were fewer roses this year, which he put down to the weather. 

“It was better a few weeks ago but we can’t control the weather.

“Mine were falling off in droves a few weeks ago. Now I’d be lucky if I had thirty or forty flowers.” 

The winners of each section of the competition will be announced later this week.


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