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Results cap busy year

Thursday, 27th October, 2011

DOING WELL: Democratic Club General Manager, Karren Howe, is pleased with this year’s results. DOING WELL: Democratic Club General Manager, Karren Howe, is pleased with this year’s results.

By Erica Visser

 The Democratic Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday following a financial report which showed better results than in past few years.

General Manager of the club, Karren Howe, said that she was happy with the year’s outcome.

“I’m quite pleased. Our membership numbers have remained stable over the past few years,” Ms Howe said.

“Renovations for the club area were also completed throughout the year.”

But Ms Howe expressed concern over the proposed introduction of Mandatory Pre-Commitment spending limits on poker machines by the Federal Government.

The proposal was made in July as a way of combatting gambling addiction. The Productivity Commission last year estimated that problem gamblers contributed up  to 40 per cent of the revenue from pokies.

Ms Howe said that if the legislation was passed it would hurt the club.

“Whether we have a good year depends on if mandatory pre-commitment legislation is introduced. It will certainly impact on our performance.”

She touched on the issue in the club’s end of year report where she stated that the legislation would result in gross financial hardship for the club.

“Introducing this will...reduce the amount of financial support to the community, charitable and non-profit organisations, reduce the social amenities available to members, increase the cost of food and beverages and affect the employment of club staff.”

Ms Howe said that plans would be discussed at the weekend’s meeting on how to improve the club’s performance.

“I have got some ideas but I don’t want to share them yet,” she said.

Ms Howe said they will be brought up with the board, whom she credits with the success of the club.

“A lot of the success has got to do with having a fairly stable, pro-active board,” she said.


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