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No place like home, the ex-Hillites say

Thursday, 3rd November, 2011

‘The Great Broken Hill Reunion’ committee has decided to hold next year’s event in the city after the idea of running it on the Gold Coast or Adelaide received a frosty reception. 

“I was always in favour of it being held in Broken Hill but some people had mentioned other places that others had been successful like in the Gold Coast and Adelaide,” said committee representative Tony Vance. 

“So I sent out some emails and the emails and phone calls I got back were overwhelmingly in favour of Broken Hill.

“It wasn’t just about the people, it’s the place itself. The people enjoyed seeing the old homes as well as Silverton and everybody is really happy with the decision.”

The reunion will take place over the Easter weekend next year with events being held from Thursday night to Monday.

“We’ll be having the big golf event and we’re looking at having evenings at the clubs,” Mr Vance said. 

He also said that all future reunions would be held in Broken Hill every second year. 

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