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Explosives found buried in garden

Saturday, 5th November, 2011

A street near the North School was blocked off yesterday after a householder found a bag of gelignite in his garden.

Four sticks of the explosive were in a cloth bag that the man found buried in the back yard of his Chapple Street home, police said yesterday. 

He called the police who arrived with the fire brigade about 8.30am and cordoned off the area. 

An explosives expert from the mines was brought in and he confirmed that the sticks were emulite DWL gelignite, police said.

In his opinion they had could have lain in the garden for 30 years or more.  

The discovery of old explosives in local homes was not that unusual and the Chapple Street householder had done the right thing by alerting authorities, said Detective Inspector Mick Stoltenberg.

“We get a few reports a year,” he said. 

“If anyone finds explosives I suggest that they don’t tamper with them but give police a call.

“Remember the three ‘ts’ - don’t touch, tamper or tilt.”  

DI Stoltenberg said that the explosives expert had taken the gelignite away and that it would be destroyed.

The usual method of destruction was to put it underground and blow it up in a mine firing, he said.


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