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A fine response

Monday, 7th November, 2011

Police to target government revenue

NSW Police have decided to take industrial action against the State Government, after an announcement that the protections for officers injured in the line of duty will be slashed.

Chairman of the Broken Hill Police Association, Jim McMillan, said the State Government is planning to change the death and disability scheme.

“The death and disability scheme is a safety net to protect police and their families, it goes above and beyond superannuation,” he said.

“If an officer suffers a permanent injury and has to be removed from the force this payment will cover medical expenses.

“It is something we pay into and the government is trying to overturn our benefits.”

Mr McMillan said the State Government planned to the cut the salary of officers who are totally and permanently disabled due to an injury or illness, and can no longer work.

The salary of officers injured whilst on duty and Commissioner discharges would also be targeted, and workers compensation protections for sick and injured officers would be slashed, he said.

“The NSW public would be aware that policing by its nature is a dangerous job,” Mr McMillan said.

“Police officers are expected to risk their lives to protect our community. Policing in the Barrier area is no different.

“There has been some discussion in the media referring to the police death and disability scheme as a “mortgage buster”, this is not the case at all, any benefits received by a permanently injured member will be required to last them for the remainder of their lives.

“The NSW Broken Hill branch is appalled at the decision by the state government to make these underhanded changes.”

Mr McMillan said that because the police can’t strike, they are taking different actions to make the State Government take notice.

One such measure is reducing the amount of revenue the Government receives from fines and infringement notices.

“We can’t strike, so we are using our discretion when it comes to issuing tickets and other procedural matters,” he said.


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