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Big plans for ugly corner

Thursday, 8th May, 2008

Secrecy surrounds a large new development proposed on part of the former Broken Hill Ice and Produce site on the corner of Beryl and Sulphide streets.

City Council has received a drawing of the proposed new building on the vacant commercial site which most recently housed a second hand furniture store.

The owner of the premises, Marat Celotto, said yesterday that outside developers were behind the proposal and were currently in the city.Asked what they had in mind for the site, Mr Celotto said: "I can't say."

The site, which displays a "for lease" sign, has been vacant for about two years. Mr Celotto also part-owns the buildings adjoining the site, which consists of a series of wood and iron sheds and lean-tos.

Council's Group Manager of Sustainable Development, Peter Oldsen, said that Council had not yet received a formal application from the developers."We don't have a DA (development application)," he said.

"We have a subdivision application in to subdivide land and an elevation plan of a proposed new building." Mr Oldsen said that it wasn't unusual for developers to submit rough plans to Council for advice and guidance before submitting a formal application.

Council's heritage adviser, Elizabeth Vines, said in a report to Council that the proposed development - which is set to be made from pre-cast concrete panels - was "generally appropriate" for the area.

"Installation of glory or grape vine planting to be trained along the verandah is recommended to provide a pleasant landscape quality and to soften the impact of this large new building," she said in the report.

The proposal is just the latest in a string of developments being planned in various parts of the city.

Some of the bigger projects in the pipeline include a new shopping centre on the Globe Timber Mill site and a $5m roadhouse on the Barrier Highway.

Mr Oldsen said Council was on track to receive over 600 development applications this year.

He said the first three months of the year had been busier than 2007, when 562 applications worth over $70m were received.

In 2006 Council received 499 applications worth $25.6m and in 2005 the figure was 486 and $13.3m.

"If it continues the way it's going we're likely to get 700 applications for the year," Mr Oldsen said

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