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Who's a lucky galah?

Wednesday, 11th June, 2008

By Stefan Delatovic

It's not every day a bird hits powerlines and lives to squawk about it.

While the blackout caused by yesterday morning's impact inconvenienced many, spare a thought for the other two birds that were killed, Country Energy said three galahs struck powerlines at the corner of Iodide and Wolfram streets about 7.45am.

Two of them died while a third was taken to the Broken Hill Veterinary Clinic by a compassionate resident.

Veterinarian Guillaume Tabuteau said the animal was singed, but seemed in good spirits and was expected to survive.

The bird was "a wild one", crowing up a storm and seemingly agitated, but that's probably understandable.

The galah has now been handed over to the local native animal welfare group, RRANA, to be nursed back to health.

Country Energy's Regional Manager Guy Chick said the incident, a "bird strike", had been serious enough that a conductor had been broken and fallen to the ground.

A safety mechanism had cut power to the Central Business District and surrounding areas. Emergency crews attended and most power was restored within the hour. A small area including residential properties and the RTA Office was without power until midday.

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