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Dam to stop flooding

Wednesday, 12th March, 2008

A part of Cornish Lane will be permanently closed to enable the old gasworks site to be turned into a stormwater dam. This has been determined as the best way to minimise flooding in Mercury Street during heavy rainfall. The closure is also necessary to allow rehabilitation of the site, which is contaminated from its use as a gasworks.

The closure won't result in a cul-de-sac for laneway properties. Part of 244 Cornish Street (owned by Council) will be converted to a public road, allowing a right-turn through access from the lane to Cornish Street.

The first stage of the project is rehabilitation of the land. This is being done by Origin Energy, which took over the local company that originally occupied the site. Up to 600mm of soil will have to be excavated, including a tar pit.

City Council hopes to start some excavation this financial year but actual construction of the basin will depend on next year's budget.

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