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Welcome inflows for reservoirs

Thursday, 12th June, 2008

Welcome inflows for reservoirs Welcome inflows for reservoirs

By Stefan Delatovic

The weekend's rain was good to Broken Hill, flowing into the city's storages and filling them to their highest level in seven years.

Stephens Creek Reservoir received 5,900 megalitres, Umberumberka Reservoir 3,000ML and Imperial Lake 100ML. To put that in perspective, an Olympic-sized swimming pool holds one megalitre of water. In the summer months, the city consumes about 20 megalitres a day. Country Water says local storages now hold 12 months' worth of clean, quality water.

The city's storages are fed by creeks running across a catchment area of 513 square kilometres; creeks that ran well as rain fell steadily over the area last weekend.

At the Stephens Creek Reservoir, a vast volume of water now sits behind a retaining wall. It will be tested to make sure it is safe and hasn't picked up any impurities on its journey, and then integrated into supplies for treatment. Imperial Lake is flush with liquid. It is a backup supply for the city, and is used by mines underground to lessen their use of valuable treated supplies.

A Country Water spokesman said the rain had been a 'good event' for the city, with storages at their highest point in recent years.

"This is the best it's been for seven years. We've had inflows since then, but never anything this big," he said. Below is the rainfall recorded at a number of properties in the district between June 5 and 10:

Morden 47 pts, Naryilco nil, Quinyambie 3.4mm, Mutooroo 28mm, Allambie 10pts, Woolcunda 20.5mm, Yarramba 28mm, Wiawera 35mm, Kimberley 25mm, Woodlands 38mm, Kudgee 90pts, Moira Plains 52pts, Netley 25mm, Mt Browne 81pts (woolshed), Mt Browne 72pts (home), Lilydale 43.5mm, Grasmere 62pts, Bulloo Creek 37.5mm, Netley 25mm, Mount Gipps 148pts, Lindon 142pts, Orientos 243pts, Rochdale 24pts.

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