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Thieves' new tool

Friday, 14th March, 2008

An electronic device that disables a motor vehicle's keyless entry may be being used by thieves to break into cars. Police said yesterday that some vehicles that had been broken into recently showed no signs of forced entry. Usually thieves will smash a quarter panel window or force a lock to gain entry.

"We have information that, in other areas, jamming devices are being used to stop keyless entry from working," said Sergeant Nick Weyland.Sgt Weyland said police had been told that the thieves will wait until someone is about to lock their car then fire the device which sends a signal to stop the keyless lock from working.

"We ask people that when they do lock their vehicles to see if anyone is nearby and to double check to make sure the vehicle is locked."Police don't know if there are any of these in town, but a couple of cars that were locked were entered and there was no damage."

Sgt Weyland said anyone who had any information about lock disabling devices being used in the city could contact him on 8087 0299 or call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. On Wednesday night two Nissan four-wheel drive vehicles were broken into in Railwaytown.The owner of a Nissan Patrol utility in Harris Street heard the vehicle's alarm go off about 10pm and went outside to find the driver's door open and the bench seat moved forward, police said.

Some small change had been stolen from the ashtray and police said it was not known how the ute was broken into.

In Pell Street a wallet and bank cards were stolen from a Nissan Patrol sometime between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, police said.

They said the vehicle had been left unlocked.

On Tuesday a Falcon station wagon left unlocked in the driveway of a house in Pell Lane had a number of Ninetendo games stolen from inside.

Police advised motorists to always lock their vehicles, even when they were parked in the driveway or the yard and never to leave valuables in view inside a vehicle.

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