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A hair-raising day

Tuesday, 16th September, 2008

Dust flew through the city yesterday, blowing away a welcome dose of sunshine.

Locals took to the outdoors over the weekend to drink in spring, but the start of the working week saw a turn for the worst.

Local weatherman Phil Mew said gusts were blowing at a speed of 73 kilometres an hour at 11am yesterday.

"That's the last reading, and I wouldn't be surprised if it had gotten faster than that," he said.

"It's been coming in steadily from the west-north-west, and it's been pretty violent outside."

Even though the wind kicked a lot of dust into the sky, humidity stayed at over 30 per cent.

"There's a pretty strong frontal system making its way through, but it's coming quickly and there's a good chance it will blow itself out overnight."

Despite clouds following the winds, Mr Mew said the city was unlikely to see rain, just a drop in temperature.

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