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Wait over - for some

Thursday, 17th January, 2008

The anxious wait is over for local students who applied to South Australian universities, but those who are hoping to study in NSW or the ACT will not find out whether they made the cut until tonight.

Broken Hill High School graduates Katherine Hynes and Amy Lee (both 17) were yesterday among the local students celebrating SA's main round offers, which were released on Tuesday evening.

Katherine, who scored a University Admissions Index (UAI) of 74.1, was accepted into her first choice, a Bachelor of Oenology (wine making) at the University of Adelaide.

She said she was planning to spend the next month working before moving to begin the degree she had her heart set on.

"There's a lot of chemistry in it and I like chemistry."

Amy, who scored a UAI of 45.95, was accepted to study the Bachelor of Communications (Media and Culture) course at the University of SA.

The radio career hopeful said she didn't think she would be accepted into the course.

"I was ecstatic. I didn't really expect to get in.

"I wasn't really that stressed but I would have been a bit cut if I didn't get in."

Amy, who is planning to defer the course for a year so that she can save some money before moving away, said she would have found an alternate route to her dream job, such as TAFE, if she didn't get accepted into university.

University Admissions Centre Managing Director Andrew Stanton said there was still hope for students who don't get their first preference.

"If you don't receive an offer in the main round it's worth remembering there are other options," Mr Stanton said. 

He said that last year more than 9,000 offers were made to students who missed out on NSW and ACT main round offers.

Universities in NSW and the ACT have made 59,894 main round offers this year, an increase of 582 on last year.

Main round offers will be presented from 9 tonight on the UAC website, www.uac.edu.au.

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