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Foul fruit cleared out class

Wednesday, 17th September, 2008

A piece of rotten fruit kept firefighters busy for four hours yesterday at Morgan Street Public School.

Fire Brigade Inspector Drew Wilson said they were called to the school at 10.30am after a teacher reported a bad smell coming from a classroom.

Three trucks arrived and officers were able to determine that whatever was causing the odour was neither explosive nor widespread and posed no danger to staff or students.

As they were unable to pinpoint the offending article, firefighters began a process of elimination by removing items from the classroom one at a time.

At 1.40pm they found the source of the smell - "putrescent organic matter", or a bit of rotten fruit.

It was disposed of and firefighters left the school about 2.30pm.

Following the incident, a Fire Brigade spokesman said he could "not overestimate the stench".

"It was truly putrid. They were right in thinking it could have been something more serious," he said.

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