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Elderly enjoying latest video games

Wednesday, 18th June, 2008

Elderly enjoying latest video games Elderly enjoying latest video games

By Stefan Delatovic

Video games have breached the age barrier, with some of the city's oldest residents picking up a game controller for the first time.

Aruma Lodge has bought a Nintendo Wii. The console features a revolutionary motion-sensing controller which makes it easy for anyone to play.

And while video games are traditionally favoured by the young, the devices have gained popularity in aged care centres.

Aruma Lodge's Toni Channing said the home was planning "Wii Fridays" and that residents had shown keen interests in having a go.

The Wii was ideal for residents, she said, as it was fun while providing exercise for the mind and body. Many games are available to emulate sports such as baseball and tennis without players having to push buttons or stand up.

"A few of our residents have given it a go and they've enjoyed it," said Ms Channing. Bowling and horse racing seem to be early favourites and staff are looking to set up a bowling tournament between themselves and the residents.

"We've never had any sort of video games here before, but this is very easy to use," said Ms Channing.

"It's fun and it's good exercise."

Aruma Lodge raised the money to buy the console by selling chocolates.

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