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Watch out for joeys

Saturday, 19th April, 2008

Watch out for joeys Watch out for joeys

The Rescue and Rehabilitation of Native Animals (RRANA) group is calling for motorists to keep a lookout for orphaned joeys when travelling outside the city. It has six joeys recuperating with RRANA carers Andy Jenkins and Beris Deans after being hit by cars, the latest of which is a tiny female called Rocco. Rocco was saved after a motorist noticed the injured little joey standing beside her dead mother on the side of the road and called RRANA.

"We'd just like to tell people to check the pouches for little ones if they hit a roo," said RRANA carer Lindy Hunt. "Unless they get thrown out of the pouch by the impact they just stay in the pouch terrified. They won't come out. "They end up having a horrible death, getting eaten by predators... or they just get too cold. "And although it is less common, if people find an echidna that may have been run over they should check the pouch for a puggle (baby echidna)." Ms Hunt said the current group of kangaroos would be rehabilitated then released back into the wild at various places.

"We release them at a variety of spots. It just depends on sex, variety, what their needs are, how bad their injuries were... each roo is different," she said. "Although if their injuries are really bad then we do have to have them put down." Ms Hunt also invited locals to get involved in saving native wildlife with the launch of the "Friends of RRANA" program. This allows people to pay a small membership fee to help RRANA with their work, and includes the option of free training to become a carer.

"A lot of people want to help, but often they don't want to - or they can't - look after animals," she said. "This way they can make a contribution through membership and they won't be expected to look after an animals. But down the track if they want to swap over and do some caring then we'll provide them with free training." All funds raised through Friends of RRANA will go towards supplies for injured animals, such as milk formula for injured joeys like Rocco. Membership costs $30 for families, $20 for individuals and $5 for children. Anyone seeking more information on Friends of RRANA or wishing to report an injured animal can contact their 24-hour phone line on 0429 204 416.

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