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Unruly party closed down

Monday, 21st April, 2008

Police resources were stretched on Saturday night when a party of between 300 and 400 young people at the Cameron Pipe Band hall got out of hand and had to be closed down.

They were first called to the party at about midnight over reports of a number of youths fighting and on arrival found large numbers of intoxicated youths, many of who were under the legal drinking age.

For fear of further problems the police were forced to close the party, which had no security personnel or adult supervision.

Police spoke to the 18-year-old organiser, who told them that he had invited 150 people and that the others were all gatecrashers.

While the party was over the consequences continued for police, who for several hours after were called on to deal with anti-social and offensive behaviour in Argent and Oxide Streets.

Many youths were issued with orders to move on and others were driven to their homes.Sergeant Nick Weyland said yesterday that the time spent by police dealing with this irresponsible behaviour was a waste of resources, and he reminded party organisers that it was an offence for juveniles to consume alcohol unless they are in the company of a parent of guardian.

"It is also an offence for a juvenile to possess alcohol in a public place, and it is an offence to consume alcohol in alcohol-free zones," he said.
Sgt Weyland referred party organisers to the police Mynite website, which provides party organisers with a strategy to alleviate many of the problems encountered on Saturday night.

"It provides advice on things like private security and how to stop gatecrashers and also notifies local police, who will ensure there are officers rostered on to deal with a large party," he said.

Police also have strategies that can help ensure a party doesn't get out of hand.

Sgt Weyland suggested that those hiring party venues ensure that the hirer has a police Party Pack and encourages the presence of suitable adult supervision or private security to prevent problems occurring.

"Importantly, parents should know where their children are," he said.

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