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Land hits new highs

Friday, 25th January, 2008

Land hits new highs Land hits new highs

The delivery of land valuations continues to raise eyebrows, with a pensioner in Wyman Street illustrating that owners of modest homes aren’t the onlyones bewildered by the huge increases. The woman said her home at the northern end of Wyman Street has increased in land value from $24,700 to $86,000. “I thought it would go up a little bit, but that’s a fair lump,” she told BDT yesterday. “I would like to know if anyone else got a bigger one.”

The new valuation notices have elicited, in some cases, exclamations of sheer disbelief. Ryan Lane resident John Dubokovich questioned how the Valuer General could justify increasing his valuation from $960 to $9,600. Other valuations have gone from $1,510 to $16,000 and from $1,000 to $7,900. Whilst Mr Dubokovich plans to challenge the valuation, the woman (who didn’t want to be identified) said it was not worth it.

“We objected years ago...it was a hassle,” she said. “They basically said ‘we’re right, you’re wrong and if you want, you can take it to court’. “We can’t afford to go to court. It’s a lost cause,” she said. She said she was worried what her next rates bill will be. It was $1,650 last year, with $250 off for being pensioners. “We were paying quarterly what people out the South paid for a full year.” The woman drew no comfort from comments that her house would now be worth more.

“There’s no point selling. We’ve got to live somewhere... and it is just the capital value of the land.” She also did not think much about claims that the new valuations would help reduce the disparity in rates between North and South. “I think everyone should pay exactly the same amount of rates,” she said. “There’s not much difference about a bit of dirt here than in the South.”

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