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Bishop warmly welcomed

Wednesday, 12th August, 2009

By Darrin Manuel

A large section of the city's Catholic community gathered at the airport to welcome a special arrival yesterday, as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Terry Brady, touched down to begin his tour of Broken Hill.

Bishop Brady is in the city as Apostolic Administrator of the Wilcannia-Forbes diocese, temporarily filling the gap left by former bishop of the diocese Chris Toohey, who resigned in June this year due to health and personal reasons.

The visiting bishop received a welcome fit for a celebrity, with a number of local parishioners and community groups eager to meet him and pose for photos. "They've made me feel very welcome, I'm taken aback," said Bishop Brady. Mr Brady said he was happy to fill the local role until a new bishop is appointed for the diocese, and said he looked forward to meeting more members of the community. Also, high on the agenda for the visit was a meeting with parish priest and Administrator of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Father Sunny. "I'll be spending some time with Father Sunny, have a talk with him and find out how things are going. All I've heard about him is very positive reports," said Bishop Brady.

"We have a group of Indian priests in this diocese, I think it's five or six all together, and they're all filling a big gap in the church in Australia and making a very good contribution. "In the little I've had to do with them so far I've just been so impressed. If we didn't have those men here I think we'd be in a bit of trouble." The opportunity to look around the city for the first time was also welcomed by Bishop Brady, who said he had grown up hearing stories about Broken Hill. "I'm really looking forward to the visit, this is a part of the world I really don't know that well," he said. "But obviously like a lot of other people I grew up learning about Broken Hill as a kid at school with it's mining. "People have told me it has such a beauty about it - it's own beauty, particularly in it's landscape. "And if there's a clear sky this night I'll be looking forward to looking at the stars." Bishop Brady will remain in the city until Thursday, when he will leave for centres in the south of the diocese including Hay and Deniliquin.

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