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PCYC safety focus for school holidays

Monday, 29th September, 2008

The PCYC will get a visit from the city's emergency services during the school holidays.

One of the many school holiday programs the PCYC is running during the two-week break is an emergency services afternoon on Friday.

The fire brigade, ambulance and police will all be there to talk and give a visual demonstration of vehicles to children who are attending vacation care."

As part of our vacation care program this holidays we are endeavoring to provide children with an overview of safety in the home, safety in our
streets, and stranger danger safety," said PCYC manager Larry Angell."Education of children with safety measures is an important part of the service that PCYC and the emergency services provide in our community and we are pleased that the emergency services have come on board with us."

Fire Brigade Station Officer Phil Eberle said that after the presentation and discussion the children would be shown firefighting equipment and allowed to join the firefighters in some basic training drills.

The PCYC has various programs and activities running throughout the holidays, including excursions, craft, ball games and cooking. For more information contact the club on 8087 3723.

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