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Pool almost done

Monday, 29th December, 2008

By Stefan Delatovic

As summer heats up and school holidays set in, City Council is putting the finishing touches to the city's new pool in readiness for the official opening on Australia Day. 

Swimmers are unfazed by the few remaining rough edges though, and are busy enjoying their first summer with a 50m swimming pool since 2002.

It's more than 20 years since Council first floated the idea of building a new swimming pool, and after a seemingly endless debate and a major public fundraising drive, people now just want to have a swim.

Council's Infrastructure Manager, Paul DeLisio, said there were just a few minor jobs to be done at the site.

Most of the turf is laid, but a few spots need covering, and some landscaping will be done around the garden beds.

He is confident it will all be done in time for the opening.

The water slide - faster, longer, and certainly taller than anything the city has had before - is proving popular.

"Indications are that the slide is seeing constant use when it is open," said Mr DeLisio.

"There are always either big crowds there wanting to have a go, or the kids that are there are going down again and again."

Council is looking at the slide to see which opening times would best serve it, and its operating hours may change accordingly.

While the pool still costs $2 to enter - the same price as before its multi-million dollar facelift - that won't last forever. Council is seeking comment at the moment for different pricing structures, and seems keen to keep the entry cost low by creating a separate fee to use the slide.

Council will announce its new system after they've heard from the community. It all depends on the kind of turnstyle they can put in at the entrance though, so changes are still a way off.

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