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Youth of the Year

Wednesday, 5th March, 2008

Youth of the Year Youth of the Year

Willyama High School student Courtney Howe is Broken Hill's 2008 Lions Youth of the Year.Courtney competed in the annual competition on Wednesday evening, along with Kate Dasey and Krysten Gers from Broken Hill High School. They were asked to submit an application form which required them to display their academic achievements, community involvement and sporting and cultural involvement and achievements.

Each student was then interviewed by a three-person judging panel and quizzed on their general knowledge. They were questioned about the wind farm at Silverton, sportsmanship, protesters, and vandalism to police property, and asked to give their opinions. At a later dinner for Lions members the contestants had to perform two two-minute impromptu speeches, and this year they had to talk about sustainable living and the formal apology to "stolen generation".

Courtney said it had been a little daunting having to speak on the various topics, particularly during the impromptu categories. "I was pretty nervous about the interview. You don't know what they're going to ask," she said. "The normal speech was OK because I've done a couple of those before, but the impromptu speech - I was so nervous, I was just hoping to get the words out that I wanted to say."The 16-year-old was adjudged the overall winner while Kate Dasey was the winner of the public speaking category.

Courtney will now continue in the Youth of the Year competition, travelling to Red Cliffs on March 15 to compete in the next round. "It was really good to win, I'm very excited," she said. "I was very lucky to win. I was up against two other girls and just reading what they've done, they deserved it as well. "I was just lucky to come out on top."

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