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Nostalgic lunch

Tuesday, 5th January, 2010

After a big family holiday that spanned four States, former local Bob Verburght was yesterday back where it all began.

Mr Verburght and his family passed through the city while returning from a trip to Tasmania, and paused to enjoy lunch in Sturt Park.

"We probably pass through the city once every twelve months. This time we're just breezing through but it's always a bit of a nostalgia trip," he said. The family relaxed just metres from the Wolfram Street house formerly owned by Mr Verburght's great grandmother, a place where he spent much of his childhood. "I remember standing out the front of that yard and listening to the hooves when the wagons would clip-clop down the street," he said.

"You'd have the baker go past, then the ice wagon, the grocer, butcher..." Mr Verburght said a stop-over in the city always rekindled fond memories of Broken Hill's early charm - a charm that still lingers. "The place has changed a bit, you see the changes here and there, but it's still got that good old Broken Hill feel. "It tugs at the heart strings a bit, all the memories." The family left the city after lunch for their home in Dalby, Queensland.

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