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Princess for a day

Wednesday, 30th November, 2011

PRINCESSES: 2009 Pageant Princess Kayla Honson and 2010 Pageant Princess Desley Edwards say it is a privilege and great fun as well. PRINCESSES: 2009 Pageant Princess Kayla Honson and 2010 Pageant Princess Desley Edwards say it is a privilege and great fun as well.

With only a few days to go before the 2011 Broken Hill pageant, everything is coming together with last minute float entries and the crowning of the Pageant Princess.

South Rotary and event management group, Middlemen, have been organising the pageant which will be held on Saturday.

John Rouse, from South Rotary, had put out a call for more float numbers after a slow start.

“We will take all the late entries we can get. Things are gearing up into it now,” Mr Rouse said yesterday.

Dionne Devlin from Middlemen said they expected to have a good turnout of floats on the day.

“We have a few last-minute entries and at this stage we have about 25. We are expecting another five by Friday,” Ms Devlin said. 

“These are good numbers and they are all themed floats or bands, so there will be plenty of great floats to see.”

The Pageant Princess has also been crowned with the honour going to Willyama High School student Katelyn Rudd.

The first princess two years ago was Kayla Honson who said she regarded it as a privilege.

“Being Pageant Princess I went on the last float with Santa. After the pageant I went and helped Santa at the Community After-Party to hand out goody bags to the children who wanted to see Santa.

“I enjoyed the whole experience of being Pageant Princess. I love being involved in community events and being a role model to younger children.

“Everyone who organised this event really made you feel like a princess for the day.

“The Quota Club and Rotary do a fantastic job in organising the Pageant Princess and they deserve the full support from locals. You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Last year’s princess, Desley Edwards, said was encouraged to enter by a school teacher.

“There’s really not much to it at all. There is an application form, but you simply write about yourself in detail of how you have helped the community, also displaying leadership roles, displaying characteristics and acts in a community that are kind, helpful and caring. 

“Also being a role model for the younger children in Broken Hill by setting a positive example for them.

“What I enjoyed the most was sitting with Santa Claus at the park and greeting the children, just to see them so happy and full of life made myself happy as well.”

Both past princesses thought it would be a good idea to have a Pageant Prince as well.

“I think it would be great if they introduced a pageant prince,” Kayla said.

Desley said she thought it would be “the cutest” idea but was not sure if many boys would apply.

“I’m sure if it is a tradition introduced and pushed to be successful then in time it will be an important role for young men or boys in Broken Hill, that they receive the honour of being Pageant Prince,” Desley said.

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