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Pageant proves a hit

Monday, 5th December, 2011

SANTA AND ROYALTY: Santa and the pageant princess Katelyn Rudd and pageant prince Michael Day. SANTA AND ROYALTY: Santa and the pageant princess Katelyn Rudd and pageant prince Michael Day.

Locals turned out in their thousands to support the city’s Christmas pageant and ‘Party in the Park’ on Saturday.

Residents of all ages lined Oxide and Argent streets to enjoy a pleasant summer’s night and all that the parade had to offer - and even the odd surprise.

There were plenty of smiling and waving as dozens of floats in various shapes and sizes crawled their way along the street, while other parade participants either walked, rode or wheeled their way along.

For the first time in the event’s history a pageant prince and princess gave onlookers their best royal wave - but the star of the show was Santa Clause.

Broken Hill can also lay claim to being part of the world mob dance party after a mob dance took Christmas pageant audiences by surprise. 

A mob dance is a dance where one person stands up in a crowd and starts to dance on their own. As the music progresses, dancers slowly join in until there is a full cast of people.

The dance took place on the corner of Argent and Oxide streets just before the pageant started. The dance started with actor Corey Page dressed as an old man, dancing on his own in Argent Street.

More than 70 dancers, professional and novice then joined in from the crowd on the footpath.

Dance rehearsals were held in secret at locations across Broken Hill for the three weeks leading up to the pageant and communicated through a Facebook page called the ‘Secret pageant Club’ and on email. 

The dance and instructions were also uploaded through a private link on Youtube. Choreographed by Catherine Bransdon, the dance had to be kept as simple as possible, to ensure that people of all ages and skill could join in. 

“It was a massive effort to keep it under wraps and a really difficult project to manage because it is such a busy time of year and we did not get the full cast together at any time for a full rehearsal,” Catherine said. 

After the last of the 34 floats rolled past, a large part of the pageant crowd made their way to nearby Sturt Park where food, entertainment and activities awaited.

South Rotary’s John Rouse said the pageant and party was one day of the year all family members could get together and enjoy the same thing.

“(The roll up) was as good as it has been in previous years,” Mr Rouse said.

With rides and activities for children, live music and the community market offering an array of items for sale, the Party in the Park continues to popular.

“It was a good family night ... most of the stall holders had a successful night,” Mr Rouse said.

“I’m sure they were (enjoying themselves), it is a great thing and something South Rotary love to do every year.”

“I would like to thank the public for patronising South Rotary’s pageant.”

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