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Climate sceptic takes on teachers

Monday, 12th December, 2011

OUTBACK ACTIVIST: Professor Ian Plimer is taking on the global warming activists again in  his latest book. OUTBACK ACTIVIST: Professor Ian Plimer is taking on the global warming activists again in his latest book.

By Paula Doran

 Former Prime Minister, John Howard, will today launch the latest book by Broken Hill’s “own”, Professor Ian Plimer.

For those of you who remain sceptical about global warming, Professor Plimer’s eighth book, “How to Get Expelled from School,” is a dream come true.

It has been described as “Plimer’s anti-warmist manual for the younger reader” and is the sequel to his anti-climate change bible, “Heaven and Earth”, released in 2009.

Professor Plimer, one of the most vocal advocates for Broken Hill, its significant stance in industrial history and the mineral riches that remain underground, is bound to get the nation’s conservationists heated up with his latest book which he describes as deliberately seditious, and written in a language that school students can understand.

“I’ve essentially broken down the first book into plain language so that students can take on their teachers and test their them. Through this book pupils can work out whether their teacher really knows anything about climate change, or whether it’s just being used as a political weapon,” says Professor Plimer.

How the man gets time to write another book, while also touring the world and holding a well-respected role as a geology professor at the University of Adelaide - as well as a host of other roles -  is incredible.

How the charismatic anti-carbon campaigner hasn’t yet been held on a stake by environmental advocates including Tim Flannery and Al Gore is similarly astounding.

“Let’s be honest, climate change information is nothing but federal politicians’ codswallop,” he says.  

“Kids are being taught environmental activism, not science, and if the Al Gores and Tim Flannerys of the world truly believe in global warming and the predictions that the planet is literally going under, why do they both buy water-front properties?”

Professor Plimer believes that political activists espousing the fear of climate change are pawns in a game that is part of a global scare campaign.

In both books, he claims climate change is a natural and regular occurrence through history, and asks if “human induced global warming is the biggest scientific scam in history.”

Love him, or otherwise, Professor Plimer certainly knows how to attract attention.  

With chapters titled “Corruption, fraud and porky pies,” in his latest book, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear John Howard’s opening speech in Sydney today?


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