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Clean up The Hill

Tuesday, 17th November, 2009

Broken Hill was "built on the self-reliance and ingenuity of our forefathers, so surely we can all manage a little weeding once a year", says Mayoral candidate Wincen Cuy.

A number of candidates in next month's Council election have raised the sorry state of the city's footpaths as an issue they'd address.

In a written statement Mr Cuy agreed that footpaths in and around the city were in need of an ongoing maintenance regime, but said "there are many more pressing matters awaiting the new mayor and council". "However, since several of my fellow candidates seem to be happy to focus their campaign around the amount of weeds on our footpaths I would like to offer a solution that not only will alleviate the problem, but allow the minimum amount of council's limited resources to be allocated to this project," he said. Mr Cuy has proposed a 'Clean up The Hill' campaign, modelled after the long-running 'Clean up Australia Day' rubbish removal event. He said such a scheme would "invoke the legendary Broken Hill spirit of not relying on someone else to do our work for us". The campaign would involve Council setting a nominated period during which every able-bodied resident would clean their own footpath, or offer to clean the nature strip of an infirm neighbour. "If you are unable to remove the rubbish, ring Council and have it removed. Just don't look at your frontage but look up and down street and around the corner," said Mr Cuy. "Appropriate contractors would be invited to donate their resources to help in the clean up. One of my favourite sayings is, 'if you don't ask you don't get." The street judged to have done the best job would have a special banner recognising their effort erected on their street. "This way council can focus its resources on this task in one clean sweep so to speak, " said Mr Cuy.

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