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Auf Wiedersehen, Sasha

Wednesday, 21st December, 2011

BOUND FOR GERMANY: Sasha Cox (11) is off to chilly Europe next week on a student exchange. BOUND FOR GERMANY: Sasha Cox (11) is off to chilly Europe next week on a student exchange.

A young local girl is about to have the experience of a lifetime when she travels to Germany to spend three months on an student exchange.

Eleven-year-old Sasha Cox leaves on Tuesday with her mother, Gordana, who will stay for a month.

“We will stay until January 23 then we will come home and Sasha will stay until the Easter holidays,” Mrs Cox said.

Sasha’s father, Jason, will go to Germany to bring Sasha home and also do a little bit of travelling with her.

“They will go to London, Belgium, Scotland. Jason and I got married in Scotland so there is a special story there,” Mrs Cox said.

“He will show her some of those places and she will met our friends.”

Mrs Cox said Sasha has been researching Germany on the internet and looking for places to visit.

She said that Sasha will be staying with a friend in Germany and once the trip is over, the friend’s daughter will come and stay in Australia.

“Sasha will experience a different lifestyle and culture and she will have the flexibility to learn different languages,” Mrs Cox said.

Sasha will try to learn German during her stay but she will also be attending a French School.

“It will be a good experience for her to live away from home and look after herself,” Mrs Cox said.

“The learning experience will just be invaluable.”

Sasha said she was excited and nervous and will miss her friends but will keep in contact with everyone back home via computer and a web chat room.

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