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Double the presents

Saturday, 24th December, 2011

CHRISTMAS BABY: Lily Chynoweth turns two on Sunday. CHRISTMAS BABY: Lily Chynoweth turns two on Sunday.

It’s not often people get to celebrate their birthday and Christmas on the same day; and it isn’t always fun, but the parents try and make the most of it.

When Jamie and Karen Chynoweth received the ultimate gift on Christmas day - their fourth daughter, Lily May Brooke, they promised her she would always get two presents.

In 2009, Karen told the BDT that Lily needn’t worry about Christmas clashing with her birthday.

“And there will always be two presents; I promised her that.”

Karen has kept her promise and said that Lily gets a birthday breakfast as well as Christmas dinner.

“We have toasted cheese and ham croissants and a chocolate birthday cake,” she said.

Lily has three siblings - Ryan, Nici and Toby - who aren’t very worried about waiting until lunchtime to celebrate Christmas.

“Lily has a 19-year-old brother, a 16-year-old sister and a 13-year-old brother and the 13-year-old is a bit concerned about waiting for lunchtime to open presents but it will be fine,” Karen said.

Even though Lily is turning two and doesn’t really understand the difference between the two celebrations, she knows who Santa is and has been practising singing “Happy Birthday”.

“She saw Santa at the plaza the other day and she said she loved him, until he came close and she burst into tears,” Karen said.

She said when Lily was born the hospital staff told her it had been a while since there had been a Christmas baby born in Broken Hill.

But Karen said she knows a few women who are due around Christmas so there might be another one.

“Most people say being born on Christmas is a bad thing and only a couple of people have said it was fantastic. We don’t want Lily to think it is a bad thing,” Karen said.

“We will still keep our breakfast tradition.”

There are a number of adults who celebrate their birthday on the same day as Christmas. One of them, Dimity Philp.

“I was born on December 25, 1984,” she said.

“It’s hard having your birthday on Christmas day as people tend to forget it is your birthday because everyone is too excited about Christmas.

“When I was younger we used to have Christmas in the morning and my birthday in the afternoon and a cake at dinner. But I never really could have a birthday party. I don’t really do much know, just have a cake at tea time.”

She said it doesn’t really bother her any more.

“But more people definitely forget because they focus more on the kids. I always used to wish when I blew the candles out that I could have two days a year that I got presents just to have my own day.”

Another Christmas baby is Brooke Wilson, now 20. She said having a birthday at Christmas ‘wasn’t the best’.

She said Christmas Eve was her birthday and Christmas was Christmas.

“Since I have been a nurse, I have to work most Christmas so we choose another day to go out and have dinner.”

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