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Looking for a few good men

Friday, 21st August, 2009

By Stefan Delatovic

Larissa Michieli is looking for a few good men.

Ms Michieli is hoping to shoot a television show in the city which will match American women with local men and help them find love. She has flown out from Los Angeles and is holding a casting call for men aged between 24 and 40 who want to take part. Men who are open to meeting American women with a view to something more are encouraged to head to the Royal Exchange Hotel on Saturday between 1pm and 6pm. The television show will bring between eight and 12 single women to the city who are honestly looking to find a match and willing to settle down Down Under. Filming is planned for the coming summer and will take place in and around Broken Hill, with the program to be aired both here and in America. Described as a "docu-series" rather than a reality show, the series will follow the participants as they get to know each other, and as the women learn about the community that may be their new home.

"There are a lot of people out there finding love on the internet, and I think there's a benefit in going to a different environment," she said. "I have so many girlfriends who say they can't find a guy, and they say they've looked everywhere, but have they really?" If all goes well a second series would swap the concept, taking Broken Hill women over to Los Angeles.

"I chose Broken Hill because statistically, mining towns have more single men," said Ms Michieli, "and visually it's a beautiful place - you couldn't find a better place to shoot."

"The people here are warm and cordial to newcomers which is important because the women would be interacting closely with the community. You could end up with some new residents." Ms Michieli and her camera crew will be shooting in the CBD today and will visit pubs and clubs tonight. "We want to interview people about why the city is so special, and capture the place on film. It'll work as a bit of a tourism video as well." Of course, the program's existence depends on a strong turnout of single blokes on Saturday. There are obvious benefits for the community if Broken Hill is showcased on American screens, but that rests on the shoulders of a few good men.

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