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Highway to stay shut for 10 days

Tuesday, 6th March, 2012

The rain has cleared but the Adelaide road will remain closed until at least the end of next week.

Police said yesterday that the bridge which collapsed and buckled last week at Pine Creek, five kilometres past Cockburn, would not be fixed until Friday, March 16.

“A temporary bridge will be erected on the old bridge deck and will be open to one lane of traffic in a give way system,” a police spokesman said.

Eventually the bridge will be replaced with a new one, he said.

Meanwhile, although sunny weather has returned people are being reminded that floodwaters are still about.

Deputy State Emergency Operations Controller, Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch, yesterday appealed to motorists to use their brains..

“I cannot make this message any simpler or any stronger: Don’t enter floodwaters,” he said.

“I am appealing, in the strongest possible way, for people in affected areas to use their brains.

“You know it’s flooding but we still have people who don’t think and try to cross flooded areas. If water is covering a road or a bridge you have no idea of the hidden hazards. It’s not just foolhardy, it is deadly.

“Our message is clear; if it is flooded, forget it.”

Motorists are advised to use caution when driving on the Barrier Highway to Wilcannia, the Menindee Road and Silverton Road as there is water over the road. 

The Silver City Highway to Wentworth is open and as is the road to Packsaddle but with caution. The Tandou Road is also open with caution.

But the road from Packsaddle to Tibooburra and from Tibooburra to Warri Gate is closed as are the Cut Line (Tibooburra to Borrona Downs) and Mutawintji Road (Mutawintji National Park to White Cliffs).

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