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Cup for members, families

Thursday, 8th March, 2012

NEW PRESIDENT: Dave Gallagher at the racecourse yesterday. NEW PRESIDENT: Dave Gallagher at the racecourse yesterday.

By Kurtis Eichler

The newly-elected president of the Silver City Racing Club says he is hoping to restore amenities to the club’s members at this year’s cup meeting.

Dave Gallagher was sworn in recently at the committee’s AGM.

Mr Gallagher said that the general feedback from last year’s meeting was “very good” but that the members could have been better looked after.

“The club can’t operate without members and the staunch members we’ve got,” Mr Gallagher told the BDT.

“I do believe we let them down slightly last year by not having the Members Bar so I’ll ensure there is something to cater for them this year.”

Elected to the presidency unopposed, Mr Gallagher said he wanted to take the cup back to it being a family picnic race meeting.

“It’s always been family orientated and I’d like to make it more family orientated,” he said.

Only 12 months ago the club was in dire straits as they struggled to find a new secretary and committee members.

After a crisis meeting and the addition of several new committee members, the Cup went forward in 2011 and had a “great season,” Mr Gallagher said.

“I think it can only go from strength to strength.”

Finances were also looking healthy with some investments and a “little bit of money” from last year’s meeting.

“We’re in a fairly sound position but if we can make more money this year it’ll be fantastic.”

The committee will also be looking at increasing prize money, Mr Gallagher said.

“It wasn’t bad last year but to get better horses and to get more horses we might have to put the prize money up.

“We only do that with sponsorship and let’s just hope we can get the sponsors we had last year to chip in again to help the race meeting go forward.”

But with his commitments as a city councillor, a police officer, a St Pat’s committee member and now the SCC president, he says it all comes down to time management.

“I’m a member and stand on a lot of committees in Broken Hill but you’ve just got to manage your time well and that’s what you have to do.”

Mr Gallagher replaces long-standing president Christine Kersten who served for more than a decade and Mr Gallagher acknowledged he had a hard act to follow.

“She’s seen the club go from strength to strength.

“Taking over from Christine is a big challenge. She’s done great for the club over the last ten years.”

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