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John Ede Cup stays in SA

Monday, 12th March, 2012

LEADERS: Paul Marshall, Joe Muscara, Justin Heath and Brenton Zanette with the John Ede Cup. LEADERS: Paul Marshall, Joe Muscara, Justin Heath and Brenton Zanette with the John Ede Cup.

by Darrin Manuel

Seaton Ramblers have retained the John Ede Cup after hammering Central by 158 points at the weekend.

Both teams had a number of senior players missing from the match, but Seaton’s superior list depth allowed them to cover their losses and cruise to an easy victory.

The Ramblers dominated the opening half of the game and had complete control of the centre square.

Ruckmen Luke and Brendon Walsh gave the Ramblers first use of the ball at most stoppages, and midfielders Paul Marshall and Joe Muscara dictated play at ground level.

Seaton’s dominance around the packs allowed their players to confidently run forward of the contest and receive easy handballs, placing incredible pressure on the Magpies’ defence.

Daniel Calio, Bryan Leahy and Matt Trainos all ran hard into space and delivered the ball with precision into the forward line.

By half time the lead was already an insurmountable 79 points.

Central rallied briefly after the long break, with Justin Heath, Brenton Zanette and Lindon Cox working hard for their team.

The Magpies couldn’t maintain their intensity however, and the Ramblers went on to extend their lead at the last change before recording a comfortable win. Final scores: Seaton 27.23 (185) def Central 4.3 (27).

Ramblers coach Ray Mildenhall said the trip had allowed him to gauge how well his players were implementing training strategies ahead of the season proper.

“The things we’ve been working on at training as far as our ball movement and skills were really good,” he said.

“We’re a fairly short team and we have a lot of short kicks and have to hit targets, and we did that.

“We probably would have liked to have been under a bit more pressure, but when Central tried hard first up after half time we responded, which was good.”

Meanwhile Central coach Justin Heath said he wasn’t too discouraged by the final margin.

“It wasn’t too bad, a lot of the juniors played well and a few of our senior guys had good games too,” he said.

“Even though we were beaten by a lot it shows us how hard we need to work. They’re a very fit team.”

Best on ground medals for each team went to Central’s Brenton Zanette and Seaton’s Joe Muscara.

Best Players:

Seaton: Joe Muscara, Paul Marshall, Callan Annett, Todd Gates, Brian Leahy, Matt Trainos.

Central: Brenton Zanette, Justin Heath, Zayden White, Lachy Jenkin, Mick Anderson, Paul Christie.

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