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Flood funds bid

Wednesday, 14th March, 2012

By Erica Visser

 City Council has applied for almost $220,000 in government funding to fix damage caused by the recent floods.

Council became eligible for support after Broken Hill was declared one of seven Local Government Natural Disaster zones last week.

Paul DeLisio, Council’s Manager of Infrastructure, said that he was confident the $216,500 that council applied for would be granted.

“It’s Council’s intention that for the repair work we are undertaking, we would apply for funding assistance to do that,” Mr DeLisio said.

“My understanding is that we would qualify for the full amount to be reimbursed for the cost.”

The money would come from Special Disaster Assistance schemes which have been made available by the State Government via the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery arrangements.

Mr DeLisio said that the figure had been calculated from reports from the SES and Council workers.

He said that the money would go to repair a range of infrastructure.

“Things like water entering internal structures, including the library, HACC building, Civic Centre and the Regional Aquatic Centre,” Mr DeLisio said.

“Also road infrastructure, such as the intensive potholing, scouring to the footpath and silt on roads from the storm drains.

“We had some damage out in the Broken Hill Airport including general flooding to the boundary fence and boundary roads.

“There was also damage to the cemetery creek walls and some graves are in danger of collapse if they erode much further.”

Mr DeLisio said that Broken Hill would not be competing for funds with severely flooded areas,such as Wagga Wagga.

“It’s not a competitive thing, so that’s not a problem,” he said.

“There’s a range of works which need to be undertaken in a timely fashion in accordance to priorities.

“Obviously our main aim is to get through work as quickly as we can.”

The Unincorporated Area of NSW, which makes up much of Far Western NSW, was also included as a natural disaster area.

NSW Minister for Emergency Services, Michael Gallacher, said the rain had stopped but the damage continued. 

“Although the rain has stopped for the time being, flood waters continue to disrupt and threaten many towns and locations and there is hardly an area of NSW that has not been affected at some point,” he said. 

“We will continue to monitor the situation in surrounding areas and, where required, more Natural Disaster Declarations will be made. 

“The State Emergency Service and other Emergency Service personnel have done an exceptional job during this unprecedented weather event and I want to congratulate them for their hard work and their efforts are greatly appreciated.”

The number of flood-damaged areas in NSW stands at 46.

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