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Be merry, not mindless

Saturday, 17th March, 2012

MIND YOUR DRINK: Police are asking racegoers not to leave drinks unattended. MIND YOUR DRINK: Police are asking racegoers not to leave drinks unattended.

By Kurtis Eichler

Police are asking racegoers to act responsibly at the St Pat’s meeting today.

Officers and the Highway Patrol will be out and about and Detective Sergeant Matt McCarthy warned motorists about the risks and dangers of mixing alcohol and driving.

“Drinking impairs your decision-making and everything can turn pear shaped,” he said.

“If you are going to drink, use a designated driver or public transport. If you are needing the exercise, walk.”

Buses were also an option to consider.

“They’re a great idea and they work well. It’ll take you out and drop you back off.”

It would also pay racegoers who take their cars to the course to make sure they are kept locked and any valuables stored out of sight, DS McCarthy said.

“If you happen to see someone that looks suspicious, or appears to be up to no good, make sure that you contact police and report it.”

Those heading out for the night are also being asked to be sensible and responsible.

“Keep an eye on your mates when drinking and don’t leave your drink unattended at any time.

“If you are asked to leave a licenced premise or refused entry, take the advice first time around.”

Otherwise, an on the spot fine of $550 will apply.

“Police want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time, but more importantly wake up safe and in one piece when all the partying is over.”

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