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Silverton’s big day just got even bigger

Tuesday, 20th March, 2012

GREAT DAY: The happy crowd at the St Pat’s Recovery Day at the Silverton Hotel. GREAT DAY: The happy crowd at the St Pat’s Recovery Day at the Silverton Hotel.

By Gayle Hogan 

A bumper crowd turned up to the St Pat’s Recovery Day at the Silverton Hotel on Sunday.

Hotel owner Peter Price said more than 1,000 people attended throughout the course of the day, swelling the township’s usual population of 37.

“It was fantastic,” Mr Price told the BDT. “We had a great day here.”

It was the 38th year the hotel had hosted the Recovery Day.

“Some people were saying they’d been coming here for 20 years and never seen a crowd like it,” Mr Price said.

“It was the biggest day, I would say, since it’s been going.

“We just got so much lovely feedback.”

Broken Hill band “Plan B” performed on the new stage and the hotel had a number of bars in operation as well as daiquiri machines.

St John Ambulance Service Cadets provided food and Mr Price said there was no trouble from the “choc-a-bloc” crowd.

“There were a hell of a lot of happy people.”

Friday’s rain did bring some worries however, with Mr Price fearing the Silverton Road would be closed.

“Earlier we were all a bit concerned. We had 100 delegates here on Friday night from Clubs NSW. We were blessed with a lovely weekend.”

Mr Price said Silverton was looking forward to a booming tourism season, with the hotel planning to host bands on the third Sunday of each month, a family day and an annual music festival.

“We are looking forward to a great year.”

There are also plans to build eight units around the old Silverton Hotel ruins to accommodate tourists, with Mr Price saying there was a demand for them.

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