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Help at hand for mum and bub

Wednesday, 21st March, 2012

PLENTY OF SUPPORT: New mum Tayla Johnston (21) with son Cade (7 weeks). PLENTY OF SUPPORT: New mum Tayla Johnston (21) with son Cade (7 weeks).

Mothers are being reminded that support is available after a recent survey revealed that most Australian mums think that raising children can be lonely, robs them of time and fills them with guilt.

Of the more than 1,000 women surveyed by Galaxy Research, 87 per cent said raising kids made them feel isolated.

New BH mum Tayla Johnston (21) said she was fortunate to have a supportive partner in Byron Harrington and a good group of friends who have visited regularly since the birth of her son Cade seven weeks ago.

“If it wasn’t for all of them then I would be isolated,” she said.

And while many women believe motherhood robs them of time, Ms Johnston said maternity leave had freed up more time to spend with friends and family.

Motherhood is proving an enjoyable experience for Ms Johnston and the local Child and Family Health Centre, which is part of the Far West Local Health District, has provided support.

Ms Johnston said the Community Midwife visited her home a number of times when Cade was first born,

“Cade didn’t feed very well when he was born,” Ms Johnston said.

“They helped me understand how to get him to feed properly.”

Other services provided by the local Child and Family Health Centre include:

* Parenting education and information for antenatal women;

* Early Postnatal Discharge program;

* Support and information from Child and Family Health nurses on growth and development of children up to age 5;

* Support and information from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Counsellors;

* Weekly Early Childhood Drop-in clinic for short consultations;

* Weekly Breastfeeding support clinic;

* Parenting groups:

* Early Intervention information and support for access to services for families who have a child up to the age of six with a disability; 

* Lead health screening with support and advice for families with children up to five years old.


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