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Roos to prevail in midfield battle

Saturday, 28th April, 2012

BACK IN ACTION: South’s Michael Westley will be keen to resume hostilities with the Magpies. BACK IN ACTION: South’s Michael Westley will be keen to resume hostilities with the Magpies.

By Balldock

The Roos are at home for the first time in 2012 and they will play host to the Magpies for this round three encounter at the Alma Oval.

South recorded their first win for the season last week and they will go into this game with the knowledge that their game is improving with the return of several key players.

The Magpies have been competitive in their opening two games but have thus far failed to record premiership points. While there is no talk of crisis they will be desperate for a win.

The Roos have omitted Weller, Hardy, Dolan, Colson, Paull, Burns and Holmes and included Westley, Higgins, Judd, Caldwell, Jones, Shailes and Pollard.

Central have also been forced to make six changes with Quinn, Paull, Batson, Coombe, Cox and Sulicich omitted. Into the side comes Schinckel, Bressanelli, Winnard, Bullen, Camilleri and Keenan.

The Magpies went within a whisker last week of securing the points and they will need that sort of effort again today.

The return of Keenan will be a huge boost and a big target up forward as his form for Merrimull has been pretty good.

He will combine with Carapellotti to give the Magpies a good two-pronged attack, while Pearce looks to coming along nicely and Gepp and Camilleri will do the crumbing up forward.

The Roos back half again looks pretty good with Bird at full back and Browne who has settled in well across half back.

Throw in the match winner Hall and the reliable Staker across half back and the Roos are not only very good defensively, but their rebound can cut sides to pieces. Some big tasks ahead for the opposition six in that half of the ground.

Once again all the intrigue lies in the middle with Beven, Heath, McClure and Christie going head to head with Higgins, Neal, Purcell and Westley.

There is plenty of grunt and skill in the square and a lot will depend on who can stop Purcell and Heath for their respective sides.

It is all well and good for one team to gain the upper hand, but it must be maintained for the full four quarters and this is the area the Magpies must win if they to secure this match.

The Roos up forward have plenty of options with Fennessy, Jones and Schorn all getting amongst the goals in 2012.

Corey is the go-to man across half forward as he sets up plenty of forward thrusts, and Davidson is as classy as they come either getting the ball or using it.

The Magpies will be looking to close down the Roos up forward so Schinckel, Anderson, Gilby and their teammates in must play well and be prepared to back each other up and run hard while closing down their opponents.

Central managed two wins last year against the Roos so this game is not out of the Magpies’ reach, but it will take a total team effort.

The Roos wont go quietly into the night and will see this game as a game they should win. I really cant see them dropping the points today in front of the home fans.

SOUTH by 24 points

ALMA OVAL 2.30 pm

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