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Dust flies as rally returns

Thursday, 3rd May, 2012

TOP SPEED: Matt Andrews and Jacob Cumming won the 4wd category of the Barrier Sporting Car Club’s 2012 Avondale Rally. TOP SPEED: Matt Andrews and Jacob Cumming won the 4wd category of the Barrier Sporting Car Club’s 2012 Avondale Rally.

The Barrier Sporting Car Club’s members got down and dirty last weekend as the club held its first rally for a number of years.

The 2012 Avondale Rally was held on 165km of station roads and tracks, and featured six stages from 8km to 40km in length.

Matt Andrews and Jacob cumming took out the 4wd section, while Darren Larkin and Paul Rook were the fastest in the 2wd category.

The first stage of the event was ‘The Creek’, which featured some tight twists and turns and a sandy creek crossing.

Rob Andrews and Tarnie Carroll were the fastest through the stage in their Subaru WRX, with Matt Andrews and Jacob Cumming coming in second.

In the two-wheel drive category Brett Baldwin and Jason McCormack were fastest in their recently rebuilt Datsun 240k.

The ‘Long Loop’ stage was up next and featured a wide variety of terrain. Racers battled everything from scrub and open spaces to harsh stony ground.

The Andrews/Carroll team again finished fastest, with Andrews/Cumming in second place. Baldwin/McCormack were fastest in the two-wheel drive category.

Stage three took drivers into the hills where they faced lots of creeks and gutters. 

Andrews and Cumming were fastest, with Mick Baldwin and Steve Fisher coming in second.

The third stage saw the end of the Andrews/Carroll team, after their bonnet flew open, smashing their windscreen.

They were joined on the sidelines by Rohan Jones and Hannah Downing, who were forced to withdraw due to a persistent oil leak.

Andrews/Cumming and Rook/Larkin won their respective categories in the final daylight stage, before racers moved on to the night stages.

Andrews and Cumming blasted through the two night stages despite hitting a kangaroo, while Baldwin/McCormack dropped a lot of time after “getting lost for a while”.

Rook and Larkin also took out the night stages comfortably in the 2wd division.

Organisers wished to thank all the control keepers, officials and sponsors for making the event a success.

The Barrier Sporting Car Club will be having a display at Agfair which can be found at Lot 17, 2nd Avenue.

The winning car will be on display, and information will be available for those interested in getting involved in motorsport.

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