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Aerobatic flights roll into city

Friday, 4th May, 2012

STRAPPED IN: Journalist Erica Visser before the aerobatic flight STRAPPED IN: Journalist Erica Visser before the aerobatic flight

By Erica Visser

With a maximum speed over 400 kilometres per hour and a rate of climb at 16 metres each second, the Speedhawk is far more intense than scenic flight.

Designed by an award-winning German aerobatic pilot, the Extra 300L has since become the number one aircraft choice for stunt pilots around the world.

It is sturdy and travels along the ground smoothly- the takeoff would have been pleasant if I wasn’t about to vomit with nerves.

Pilot Lars Larson, whose day job is flying planes for one of the large airlines, could not come across as more at ease and it is hard to comprehend the how ordinary the situation was for him.

Whilst most aerobatic planes have only one seat, Lars said that he had brought the two-seater plane solely to share the experience with others.

“It really is three-dimensional freedom,” he said.

“It’s such a different environment...I’ve been flying for 22 years so bought it because I really wanted to offer this to people who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to do something like this.”

But Lars isn’t about to push passengers beyond their limits.

“I want people to be comfortable and I don’t take many risks,” he said.

“I won’t push people past their limits...because then it’s no longer a fun experience.”

But if you are a hardcore adrenalin junkie, it puts all the show rides you’ve been on to shame.

On my flight we reached a G force of +4, but the plane has a capability of +8. 

During the flight, which takes place over 20 minutes, you can experience manoeuvres such as a loops, rolls, stall turns, barrel rolls, wing overs and tumbles.

There’s even a chance at the end to purchase a video of your flight so you can experience it all over again.

For those who are interested, the plane is here from today through to Monday. 

Details can be found at https://www.speedhawk.com.au/aerobaticflight.html or you can call 0488 423 022.

EXHILARATING: The Speedhawk during the flight






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