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Council’s CCTV plan

Saturday, 5th May, 2012

By Erica Visser

City Council will roll out a CCTV program during the next 12 months if it is accepted in the new budget.

Council has been considering implementing closed-circuit cameras in Argent and Oxide streets in recent months in a move to combat anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

General Manager, Frank Zaknich, said that Council was looking into the cost of the project and would include it in a draft budget for 2012/13.

“Council has been seeking a range of information on CCTV cameras that could be utilized across the city,” Mr Zaknich said.

“We have approached local suppliers in the market place. We’ve had a couple of demonstrations, looking at both fixed place and mobile units that we could utilise.

“Council is also looking to invite the local crime prevention officer to talk to the council about the benefits or otherwise of CCTV.

“Once we get a preferred model we will get some costings and incorporate some funding in the draft budget that’s being considered by Council at present.

“If accepted as part of the budget process we expect a CCTV program to be rolled out over the next 12 months.”

Councillor Dave Gallagher, who earlier this year put forward a motion for CCTV, said that the project should have occurred years ago.

“I think it should be installed as soon as they can. What price can you put on public safety?,” Clr Gallagher said.

“I know Broken Hill is not the crime capital of Australia but areas like Walgett, Bourke and Gunnedah have CCTV.

“I believe it should have been in a long time ago. It has been in those areas previously and Broken Hill should have technology like all other areas.”

Clr Gallagher said that Gunnedah had obtained 10 cameras for around $50,000. 

However, he said that City Council would be eligible to apply for grants to help implement the project.

“At the present stage we’re going through a community safety plan at the Barrier Local Area Command,” he said.

“There are State Government grants where there’s a community safety program in place and they can assist us in supplying CCTV.”

Clr Gallagher said that he did not believe his support of the project conflicted with his role as a police officer.

“I don’t think it’s a conflict of interest. I believe the community safety comes before my job as a police officer,” he said. “That’s everyone’s number one priority.”

CCTV could be monitored from the local police station and perhaps at Council, he said.

“CCTV comes on a database that can be placed on a hard drive and if people need it we can easily get those downloads.

“I believe in the first instance cameras should be placed near central businesses in Oxide and Argent and later on in the South for central businesses there.”

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