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Battle of the birds at Jubilee

Wednesday, 16th May, 2012

The Robins and the Magpies will be out tonight to ruffle a few feathers in the match of the year in the Under 18 competition.

The 5.45pm kick off takes on extra importance for West as they will not want to drop two games off the pace.

The round one contest was billed as a tight game but turned out a flop as Central romped home by 73 points thanks to an 11-goal haul from Jake Gepp.

A closer analysis indicates West were competitive to half time, but a nine goal to one second half saw the Magpies romp home. 

Each week much depends on which senior players are available (or allowed to play) and thus predictions are always fraught with danger.

Two reasons West will improve are Nathan Kickett and Heath Harris. Both missed round one and if they play Central will have a fierce battle on their hands.

In defence West are rock solid with Callum Rosewarn and Patrick Lockett both reliable, while Cohen Smith is very creative off half back.

With Harris likely to dominate the ruck, on-ballers Cohen Pettitt, Liam King and Rylie McInnes will get plenty of chances to pump the footy long and quick to Kickett.

Throw in crumbers Luke Jones and Rob Naudi and West have the firepower to kick a winning score. 

Central are unbeaten for a reason; their top six are all quality A grade players.

Jack Roberts is a much underrated player at both levels, while Riley Pearce started the season well but has dropped off a little in recent weeks.

Zayden White continues to impress at senior level and Lachlan Jenkin is working his way into form after early injuries.

Add the magic of Gepp and the silky skills of Mason Hunt and Central will be hard to beat.

Central would also be delighted with juniors Jesse Dwyer, Jason Masclet, James Bressanelli and birthday boy Ed McInnes. 

Tipping a winner is a toss of the coin. The best tip is bring the rug and enjoy a ripper contest.

In the late game at 7.30pm SOUTH will be keen to break through for a win, after making steady improvement in recent weeks. Last time they met NORTH dominated the second half to win by 40 points.

Mitchell Henderson will again need to lead the way for the Roos, but he can expect good support as playing numbers have improved in recent weeks.

Tate Banning continues to build an impressive resume with his hardness for the contest outstanding. Bailey Sanderson gives his all every week and newcomer Shannon Lehman is a big strong lad with plenty to offer.

For South to win Jarrad Burcher needs to dominate the midfield and allow Riley Schorn to play one out in the 50.

Bailey Treloar and Lachlan Roberg have been good players also for the Roos so the Bulldogs will need to arrive with the right mindset for this game.

North have pushed Central and West in consecutive weeks and will be clear favourites to win this, but will need to find a new avenue to goal with Lachlan Tiziani out for a few weeks with a hand injury.

Captain Zac Borlace is gaining valuable experience in the A-grade as is the speedy Brendan Martin.

North will see the footy first with Chad Spangler set for another big night in the ruck which will allow Josh Sheargold, Jordan Vella and Ethan Thomas to get first hands on the ball.

Providing Lochy Hobba presents well at CHF and Sam Simmons stays on the move, North will have great targets to kick a winning score. 

One concern for AFL Broken Hill has been vehicles speeding inside the oval and while leaving after the games.

Gatekeepers and League Officials have been instructed to take note of car registration numbers and these cars will be banned from future matches.


Umpires for tonight and Friday night’s matches:



4.30pm North v West

Field: K. Hodge, B. Bergman.

Boundary: D. Bennett, M. Paul.

Goal: D. Craft, S. Koubaroulis.


5.45pm Central v West

Field: R. McLean, G. Blows.

Boundary: G. Lewis, M. Paul.

Goal: D. Craft, S. Koubaroulis.

7.30pm North v South

Field: B. Morris, P. Nash.

Boundary: A. Honan, Z. Durbridge.



7.15pm South v Central

Field: B. Bergman, G. Blows.

Boundary: D. Bennett, G. Lewis.

Goals: P. Garrick, M. Craig.

 Under 18 Teams:

West: H Dally, AJ Files, P Lockett, M Everuss, C Ferguson, C Rosewarn, K Hand, B Bright, R McInness, L King, C Pettit, H Harris, J Kappe, L Jones, C Smith, R Naudi, N Kickett, J Carpenter, N Lawrence, L Pearce, C O’Donnell, Josh O’Brien, R Warhurst

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