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Cassie’s in the top rank

Thursday, 24th May, 2012

Cassie Robinson, seen here with “Better to be Lucky”, is thrilled about her upcoming trip to Sydney. Cassie Robinson, seen here with “Better to be Lucky”, is thrilled about her upcoming trip to Sydney.

By Ben Sheffield

Cassie Robinson thought she was on the receiving end of a prank when she answered a call telling her that she had been selected to drive in the Harness Racing NSW Rising Stars Series. 

The Rising Stars Series, which is held Sydney for a week in June, is a development tour offered to the most talented young drivers in NSW.

The 23-year-old was one of just 10 drivers selected from across the whole of NSW and the only one from the Broken Hill region.

Cassie said she was “stoked” to have been selected.

The program for the tour is packed full of racing, functions, meet and greets and even television interviews.

She believes there is a lot she can gain from the trip to Sydney.

“It should be a great experience. I’ll get to see what the professional racers do differently.

“We get to go to the trainers’ complex so we’ll be able to see some of the different training strategies that they use.

“It’ll just be great to learn from people who are drivers for a living.” 

Cassie first became involved in harness racing through her love of horses.

“When I was younger our neighbour had horses and I was always looking over the fence and was interested and what they doing.

“One day my Mum went over and asked if I could come over and help. 

“It all started from there,” she said.

Cassie says she adores the excitement of harness racing.

“It’s the thrill of driving winners, the thrill of getting out there. It’s a real adrenalin rush.”

She enjoys being one of only a handful of women in the sport in the region. 

“It’s a lot of fun getting out there and beating the males,” she said. 

The series will give Cassie a chance to race at some of Sydney’s premier racetracks, including Penrith, Parkes and Menangle.

“The tracks will be a lot bigger and there will probably be better quality drivers.

“I’ve had a few people tell me that I’ll get lost and that I won’t know where the finish line is,” she laughed.

There is a points system that will be implemented for the races, but Cassie is not worried about that. 

“It’s about the overall experience. If I finish top, that’s just a bonus.”

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