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Silver City on the app

Wednesday, 6th June, 2012

Damon Edwards and Josh Cowdrey with their new “See It My Way” app for the iPad. Damon Edwards and Josh Cowdrey with their new “See It My Way” app for the iPad.

By Emily Roberts

Two young men have come up with a brilliant idea for promoting Broken Hill and district to visitors and locals alike.

They have invented an application that can be used on the increasingly popular iPad which will be called “See It My Way”.

The application (or “app”) idea came from a casual chat during a game of squash between local entrepreneurs Damon Edwards and Josh Cowdrey.

It has now grown into a product and business model that will be rolled-out locally and eventually across Australia.

Mr Cowdrey said the app was an interactive GPS powered street directory with Yellow Pages, volumes of historical information and photographs, an events schedule, a coupon book, an interactive tour guide and a ‘know-it-all’.

“The See It My Way app provides detailed information about hundreds of points of interest in the local region including, historical buildings, scenic lookouts, attractions, accommodation, food and dining and product and services,” he said.

“The app provides in-depth detail, immersing the user in a rich multimedia experience and enabling them to discover a wide range of detailed information about Broken Hill’s history, attractions and local businesses. 

“The app has functionality that lets users deploy the device’s camera to take a photo and instantly publish to the app’s shared photo gallery for all users to enjoy.”

Mr Edwards said there were about 300 points of interest that had been worked into the app.

“It is a broad way to market local businesses,” he said.

Mr Cowdrey said the app was fun, quick and easy to use.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves and to showcase their products and services at very little cost,” he said.

“The See It My Way team has partnered with the Broken Hill City Council.”

As part of the See It My Way initiative, the guys are looking at hiring out iPads from the Visitors Information Centre. This way tourists and locals can use the app.

He said See It My Way will be holding a launch party for business partners this month with an official public ‘Go-Live’ launch at the end of the month or in July. 

“The app will be available for download from the Apple App Store in July 2012 and will be initially available for the iPad with the iPhone and Android versions to follow in the coming months,” Mr Cowdrey said.

“Once downloaded and installed, users will be required to register to create their own See It My Way user profile and select their first location data pack. Users will get one free location data pack upon registration. 

“Additional location data packs (once available) will cost $1.99 per location. For example, the initial location available will include the Broken Hill region consisting of Menindee, Silverton, White Cliffs and Wilcannia, whilst other locations will be made available as the app is rolled-out to areas such as Mildura.”

Business partners wanting to request a personal preview of the app and find out more may contact Dionne Devlin on 0407 874 745, email hello@seeitmyway.com.au or visit www.seeitmyway.com.au

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