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City's star quality

Thursday, 16th April, 2009

Popular Australian actors Frankie J Holden and wife Michelle Pettigrove have been enjoying the city's delights this week in their latest role as travel show hosts. Frankie, who has appeared on television shows such as Police Rescue and Underbelly, and Michelle - who once starred in A Country Practice - were in the district filming a segment for travel show "Discover Down Under."

The Barrier Daily Truth caught up with the pair at the "big chair" atop the Line of Lode yesterday after they had visited the Sculptures, Silverton, had a painting lesson with artist John Dynon and watched the sun set over the Mundi Mundi Plains. The couple from the far south coast said they were enjoying the chance to explore the outback. "I think it should be a compulsory school excursion," Frankie said, adding that their daughter Georgia (6) was also benefiting from the trip.

"She's having a ball," Frankie said. "It's a great education for her." While Frankie has visited the city before (as a host on Getaway and while filming the movie Outback Bound in the late 1980s), the trip was a first for Michelle. "It's somewhere that everybody should go," Michelle said. "It is accessible. It's not a week away." For Michelle, the highlight of the trip was watching the sun set over the vast horizon, while Frankie enjoyed, "passing the test at the Silverton Pub." The episode which is to feature Broken Hill will also include visits to Mungo National Park, Menindee, Pooncarie and Wentworth.

"It's a privilege to be paid to come and see all these great places," Frankie said. The feature on Outback NSW is being funded by the Outback Regional Tourism Organisation (ORTO) who secured $500,000 for the Darling River Run project to promote outback NSW. Michelle and Frankie are being accompanied on their journey through the outback by country music singer Donna Boyd, who is an ambassador for ORTO. The episode of Discover Down Under featuring outback NSW is scheduled to air on channel 9 in July.

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